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The Makers

Bocelli Family Wines

Before music, there was wine.
Bocelli 1831

Bocelli Family Wines has been produced by the Bocelli family for over 185 years in their own vineyard in Lajatico, in Toscana.
Cantina Dei

"Have a nice Dei"
Cantina Dei

For over twenty years, Caterina Dei has been the interpreter of her family’s knowledge and values.

The New Tuscans

The Ottomani vinyard was founded in 2006 out of a project of four friends.
San Felice

Vieri Ceccherini
Aqua di Toscana

We would be happy to open our doors to students to show and share the production of San Felice mineral water and the same source.
Borgo Santo Pietro

Claus Thottrup
Borgo Santo Pietro

Our vision for the gardens and fields surrounding the villa involved elaborate landscaping and the intensive planting of more than 300,000 plants.

Conte Guicciardini

The Castello di Poppiano has been for centuries at the centre of the Guicciardini family’s agricultural activity.

Stefano Amerighi
​Biodynamic and crushed by foot

The vineyard of Stefano Amerighi in the area of Chiuso di Cortona, respects natural viticulture and biodynamic agriculture.
Cookware Couture

Cookware Couture

Handmade in Florence by Cookware Couture

Reydon by Margit Reydon, Firenze