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Tenuta Hortense
The Estate in Alta Maremma
The Fratini Family presents the Tenuta Hortense Fratini Estate...
Tenuta Hortense Fratini
Bolgheri: perhaps the most successful Tuscan wine territory in recent years and now is the home to a new venture from the founders of the Argentiera vineyard.explore more ..
Custom Demo Website
An Example of Private eCommerce
This website is for demonstration purposes is a mock-up to show eCommerce platform opportunities + it's eventual customizability. It is assumed that access will be for members only via an invitation with a password. explore more ..
From Our Land to Your Table
The Tables of Influence Project
Food + Wine Tables around the world, which have been selected for their ability to influence wine aficionados - both local and others around the world - from New York to Singapore to Sydney.explore more ..
Club Prive
Private Wine Sales for Members
Tenuta Hortense Bolgheri Superiore 2016 - order here - direct from the estate and send to wherever you are in the World...explore more ..
Members Only eCommerce
Click above - EXPLORE - to view example
A Members Only eCommerce with the option for both Retail Sales and/or Wholesale - all with their own pricing and automatic accounting. An exclusive platform customized for local currency and importantly for exclusion or inclusion of specific territories.explore more ..
Visit the Hortense Estate
Art + Artisan Workshop in the Fields
Immerse yourself in the fields and gardens of the Hortense Estate and its very own Art Gallery.explore more ..
The Hortense Prize
A celebration of Sculpture, Art and Nature
Learn more about this annual International Art competition and prize - a celebration of Sculpture, Art and Nature in the vineyard's own gallery.explore more ..
Terroir + Technology
Enology meets Soil Mapping
Tenuta Hortense, 10 hectares of vineyards in Castagneto Carducci, almost all in Cabernet Sauvignon, but also a little in Merlot and Cabernet Franc, where one can produce wines of the highest quality.explore more ..
Our Land
Visit the 5 Star Farm
The fields + gardens of Hortense - a search for excellence has spawned a fully functioning farm with 5 Star Cheese, Meats and Vegetables. A labour of love.explore more ..